Advisory Board

Mr MacVeigh is the president and CEO of Constantine Metals Ltd. (CEM:TSXV), which is currently exploring its Palmer VMS project in Southeast Alaska in partnership with Dowa Metals & Mining. Garfield directed the exploration that resulted in the Palmer VMS discovery that now has an 8.1 million tonnes inferred resource averaging 1.41% copper and 5.25% zinc, and the deposit is open to expansion. Garfield has 43 years of experience in gold and base metal exploration, and has contributed to the exploration and discovery of several VMS projects, including the HW zinc/copper mine and other zones at Nystar’s Myra Falls operation in British Columbia. He also participated in the discovery of the Hoyle Pond gold mine, Newfoundland, currently operated by Goldcorp. Garfield also served as president, CEO and chairman of the board of Rubicon Minerals Corporation.

Dr Franklin has focused much of his professional life in the pursuit of understanding and discovering volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits similar to Thunderstruck’s Nakoro and Wainaleka high-grade zinc/copper assets.

Highlights of Jim’s career include fundamental work on “black smoker” systems on the modern seafloor. This research provided a new understanding of the way in which giant VMS deposits form, allowing him to develop a robust set of geological guidelines that will help steer Thunderstruck’s VMS exploration and drilling efforts. Jim has consulted for several VMS companies in the Ring of Fire, and been associated with VMS discoveries throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. He’s also worked on vein-type gold deposits resembling Thunderstruck’s Liwa Creek epithermal gold project.

The major portion of Jim’s career, from 1975 to 1991, was with the Geological Survey of Canada, and culminated as Chief Geologist, when he coordinated the GSC’s entire scientific program. He has been honoured with multiple awards, including SEG’s Thayer Lindsley and Distinguished Lecturer awards. Notably, this year he will receive SEG’s top honor, the Penrose Medal.